Matias Aguayo feat. Mujaji The Rain - RAIN

  • The Cómeme boss heads to Johannesburg.
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  • Matias Aguayo, Cómeme's owner and founder, has had a long relationship with the scene in South Africa. As well as promoting South African music through Radio Cómeme, last year Aguayo collaborated with the late DJ Spoko on the Dirty Dancing EP, ostensibly the result of one productive night in Johannesburg. He returns to the city for a collaboration with Mujaji, a resident DJ at the monthly all-femme night Pussy Party. On "Rain," a plodding kick is overlaid with triplet hi-hats, tom hits and other noises while Mujaji delivers drowsy improvised vocals. The ideas are interesting enough, but it's a track that meanders rather than really going anywhere, a problem not solved by the additional percussion on the "Club Mix." "Serious" is more exciting. Sticking to a 6/8 time signature, punchy bass and catchy vocals combine for a direct yet freaky pop track. Like much of Aguayo's music, it's experimental without taking itself too seriously.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rain A2 Rain (Club Mix) A3 Rain (Drums Mix) B1 Serious B2 Serious (Instrumental)