Wax - No. 60006

  • One of Shed's best-known aliases returns.
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  • It's been six years since the last record from Wax, a René Pawlowitz alias that issued a string of functional, dubby tracks between 2008 and 2012. One of them, the B-side of 3003, is among the most-played techno tunes of the decade. While it's unlikely to reach those same heights, 60006 offers up a similarly effective blend of techno, house and dub. Thanks to its barrelling grooves and focus on percussion and bass, this is perfect DJ material. The B-side is the EP's deeper option. Peppered with hand drums, it rolls with the glide of '90s tech house. But the bassline, the same mechanised pump heard from 1001 to 5005, is pure modern techno, powerful enough to blow away any house record it's mixed with—unless there's some smooth EQ'ing. Perhaps as much as any Wax release, the A-side's fuzzy synth melody recalls the heavier Equalized project, which always felt more suited to bigger rooms. But the hand percussion and loud clap give it a housey side, a touch that DJs have loved about Wax since the beginning.
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      A Untitled B Untitled