Parris - Puro Rosaceaes

  • An understated blend of house and bass.
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  • When you think of sub-bass, the first word that probably comes to mind is "heavy." But far from weighing down Parris's music, sub-bass makes the delicacy of his work more apparent. On top of these low-end frequencies, the producer has only needed, say, some thumb piano ("South East Of The Mountain") or a gated synth ("Your Kiss Is Sour") to get the essence across. His first record of the year, Puro Rosaceaes, drifts slightly from those minimalist ideas. In a sense, the original tunes—there's also a remix here by Kassem Mosse—feel more "complete." "Puro Rosaceaes"'s foregrounded claps and wavering synth lead, for example, add a fullness that's uncommon in Parris's work. The same goes for the soft drums and plush pads on the sub-100 BPM "Soft Touch," a mellow delight. But as leftfield bass records go Puro Rosaceaes is still understated. The title track's vocal stabs are microdot-sized syllables, and the shelled-out breakdown midway through is a familiar Parris hallmark. Mosse scrambles "Puro Rosaceaes"'s key elements, however lightly, on his remix. Where the original unspools smoothly, the German artist introduces a stuttered, jagged rhythm. The impact is slight. The remix falls short of offering the kind of fresh perspective that good remixes often do. Strangely enough, a delicate approach to Parris's work doesn't do Mosse any favours.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Puro Rosaceaes B1 Puro Rosaceaes (KMOS Harmonizer Dub) B2 Soft Touch