• The Brainfeeder artist gets deep across three gorgeous ambient tracks.
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  • Stuart Howard's music at Lapalux has evolved since his first releases in 2011. After starting with a mellow and moody hip-hop sound that made the Los Angeles label Brainfeeder a natural home, last year's Ruinism album and the The End of Industry EP displayed a more conceptual and experimental side to his sound, incorporating moments of aggression and anguish into polished productions. Rather than building on those releases, ABOVE_BETWEEN_BELOW feels like an alternative evolution. Across three loop-based ambient tracks, the tenderness usually present in Howard's music takes the central role, while the influence of hip-hop and R&B is absent. Recorded live using a four-track cassette recorder, each piece has a distinct atmosphere. Where "ABOVE" is warm and placid, "BETWEEN" is cold and brooding. "BELOW," with its choral textures, hints at something profound and not so easily ascribed to simple emotions. They're fascinating experiments.
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      01. ABOVE 02. BETWEEN 03. BELOW