Bambooman - Ricochet

  • Weirdo house, backed up with a remix by Matthew Herbert.
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  • Bambooman's recent music been close to the sound of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Jr sub-label. Last year's Whispers album recalled the cut-up, musique concrete style of the early Accidental Records releases. Previously, though, the London artist has leant harder on techno, a sound he returns to on "Ricochet." For "Ricochet," Bambooman finds his way back to this techno-tinged earlier style. The track's stripped down elements are delivered in waves of euphoric repetition. A hollow thwack bounces deliciously, before it's squeezed and filtered through so many different effects it's hard to remember where it started. It's a sound you can almost touch. Matthew Herbert's remix is not as striking, pulling the original back into the Accidental fray of grainy cut-ups and faded fragments. A hollering vocal sample keeps time while a flatulent synth melody leads the track along the quirkier side of Herbert's eccentric taste. It doesn't add much, but speaks to the original's strength.
  • Tracklist
      A Ricochet B Ricochet (Matthew Herbert Milky Dub)