Young Hunting - A List Of Indignities

  • Beautiful ambient from a project that ended too soon.
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  • Before Dalhous were Dalhous, they were Young Hunting. That project is best known for an early 12-inch on Blackest Ever Black, where dark ambient and techno impulses were expressed with orchestral grandeur. A List Of Indignities, a new 7-inch of older material on Ancient Methods' Persephonic Sirens label, bridges the gap between Young Hunting and the sleepy noir of Dalhous. With one unreleased track and one from their 2010 debut album, A List Of Indignities is a brief but powerful record. The title track recalls the warped beauty of Dalhous's standout album, Will To Be Well. It's gothic but soaring, like dungeon synth painted in technicolour. "Melancholia," from Young Hunting's obscure debut album, Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition, is rougher, its surfaces blemished and scratched like shoegaze—beautiful, but in a different way. This unassuming 7-inch is a welcome surprise from a project that finished too soon.
  • Tracklist
      A A List Of Indignities B Melancholia