Erol Alkan - Spectrum / Silver Echoes

  • The influential Londoner returns with his first EP in five years.
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  • Erol Alkan is singular when it comes to bridging the gap between rock and dance music. His love of psychedelic rock, indie and shoegaze infuses his tracks with a unique style, heard in the snappy drum sounds that open "Spectrum," which appears on his first EP in five years. The track grows from earthy disco-not-disco into a full-blown big-room reverie, with the delirious chord progression of '90s mainstream house. It's infectious, building with the momentum of someone who knows how to write a song. "Silver Echoes" is epic in a more understated way. It also develops into a monster, but this time it goes from simple house jam to high-flying anthem as smoothly as a Dreamliner. Pay attention to the hi-hats, where the reverb and decay recalls the hissing in Aphex Twin's early ambient techno. It's a masterful touch that elevates the track into something special.
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      A Spectrum B Silver Echoes