Steven Julien - 8 Ball

  • The producer also known as FunkinEven drops another high-energy EP.
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  • Steven Julien's music is distinctive without being one-dimensional. While some of his best-known moments have prompted comparisons to producers like Omar-S, his music has always recalled the 808-heavy sound of early hip-hop and Detroit techno as much as it has deep house. This is the sound he explores on 8 Ball. The first two tracks are Julien at his most functional, simple drum machine jams that sound like percussive sketches from the recent Bloodline LP, an album that paid homage to the iconic Roland TR-808 and its creator, Ikutaro Kakehashi. Where "Blk808" lumbers, "Pot808" is pure four-on-the-floor machine techno, all claps and overdriven kicks. You can imagine both working nicely in a club, but not really anywhere else. "Teer" offers something different—subtlety, a relaxed pace and an uplifting message. There's a feeling of relief when swirling chords appear over the chunky drum loop. The track is named after Barbara Ann Teer, the founder of the National Black Theatre in Harlem and a lifelong advocate for black culture. As the beat begins to dissolve towards the end, a sample of Teer takes centre stage, but her voices disappears. You catch the tail-end of her advice: "Have a love affair with yourself."
  • Tracklist
      A1 Blk808 B1 Pot808 B2 Teer Digital: Teer Instrumental