Peverelist - Bluez

  • Revisit this timeless Bristolian blend of techno and dubstep.
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  • Peverelist's 2009 debut album, Jarvik Mindstate, was a doozy of a record. A state-of-the-art manifesto for the thriving techno-dubstep axis of the time, it looped drums in fantastic, wide-arced patterns. The result was a psychedelic LP that soaked techno in potent dub. Bluez reissues one of his most underrated tracks, alongside a new cut from 2008. Music trends move in circles, which helps explain why "Bluez" sounds boxfresh almost ten years later. (Compare it to recent Bristol techno and hear for yourself.) There's a lot to focus on. The drums hop-scotch over each other, occasionally landing on a delay effect that swells their impact, while the synth sweeps halfway through are some of the most beautiful in Peverelist's catalogue. The unreleased cut, "Und_92," is equally reflective, this time with the melodies crackly and distant, like a dub 7-inch played on an old gramophone. It moves in Peverelist's studio style, marinating in its own low-end resonance. It's not quite a revelation, but it's a welcome bonus cut from one of the most inventive discographies in dubstep.
  • Tracklist
      A Bluez (Classic Mix) B Und_92