Debit - Love Discipline

  • Powerful ambient that deconstructs familiar sounds.
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  • In his 1956 book The Art Of Loving, the psychoanalyst and philosopher Erich Fromm asserts that love is not something that merely happens or exists, but something that can be quantified, taught and developed as a skill. This idea inspired the New York producer Debit on her latest EP, Love Discipline. Her debut full-length, Animus, released by NAAFI earlier this year, contorted itself into new shapes while exploring soft dembow rhythms and minimal tones. Love Discipline builds those textures into orchestral walls of ambience. But this isn't the type of ambient music people listen to when winding down. Instead, it's a collection of maximalist, drone-like movements that charge forward. "Standing In Our Truths," in its subtly moving blaze, feels like it's beaming you into the night sky, while "Resonant Affective" acts as a more dynamic counterpart. "Common Aims" is the only song with a discernible rhythm, but there's no comfort to be found there. Layers of guttural frequencies take center stage as the beat plods along, soft and grotesque. The lead single, "Overcome Isolation," unfurls over the listener. It's warm but begins to sound familiar and less unnerving. Debit is at her best when she's getting under our skin, reworking a genre just enough to quietly disturb the listener.
  • Tracklist
      01. Standing In Our Truths 02. Resonant Affective 03. Overcome Isolation 04. Common Aims 05. Pain Gain
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