Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt - Desert Sessions

  • Lo-fi, experimental synth tracks with an improvised feel.
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  • Though both Delroy Edwards and Dean Blunt are singular artists, they actually have a lot in common. They're mercurial to a sometimes frustrating extent. Both make all kinds of music and put it out in prolific spurts, spanning garage rock, wistful indie, sound collage, R&B and hip-hop. Now they've made something equally unexpected together. Sometime last year, Blunt and Edwards spent a few months in Los Angeles jamming together, and decided to turn the results into an album. Like much of their work, Desert Sessions is pleasing and baffling in equal measure. If you're expecting the witty Blunt styles of Black Metal or Babyfather, don't get your hopes up. The ultra-lo-fi, cheap keyboard preset sound of Desert Sessions more closely echoes early Hype Williams (such as the warped and overheated funk Black Is Beautiful). The album leans on Edwards' more experimental side, too, and he's no stranger to this kind of homemade weirdness. You can hear Edwards in the splatters of guitar on the third track, or the guitar solo on "Audio Track 08," which sounds like it's coming from an old transistor radio. Once you zero in on it, though, it becomes one of the LP's most memorable passages. Desert Sessions is full of bizarre sounds and interplay. "Audio Track 09" features long-sustain notes that sound like a vacuum cleaner. "Audio Track 04" rides an unsteady drum track that occasionally lags behind and then stumbles over itself. "Audio Track 12," with its unusually clear cymbal crashes and '80s synth stabs, sounds like someone noodling on a cheap keyboard. The same goes for the next track, where what sounds like a synth tuba plays unevenly beneath screeching chords—one of the few moments where the album veers a little too far off the beaten path. Desert Sessions is playful and irreverent one moment, deadly serious the next. Blunt and Edwards tease out new ideas in each other, and their idiosyncratic styles go together surprisingly well. It's a classically cheeky triumph for both artists: a collaboration that sounds tossed-off yet utterly engaging.
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      01. Audio Track 01 02. Audio Track 02 03. Audio Track 03 04. Audio Track 04 05. Audio Track 05 06. Audio Track 06 07. Audio Track 07 08. Audio Track 08 09. Audio Track 09 10. Audio Track 10 11. Audio Track 11 12. Audio Track 12 13. Audio Track 13 14. Audio Track 14 15. Audio Track 15 16. Audio Track 16 17. Audio Track 17 18. Audio Track 18 19. Audio Track 19