D. Tiffany - Feel U

  • The exciting Canadian artist moves to electro on her latest solo EP.
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  • D. Tiffany's Planet Euphorique label has already picked up a dedicated fanbase. Following a strong opening record from DJ Zozi & Roza Terenzi, the Vancouver newcomer Big Zen was introduced with an EP that included a mind-bending Pussycat Dolls sample flip. The third EP comes from D. Tiffany, who moves further into electro. The strangely beautiful atmosphere of the '90s is present across the record, connecting D. Tiffany to the world of labels and artists such as Likemind and B12. The robotic funk of the opener, "Feel U," sets the tone for an EP full of clattering rhythms that wander in wild directions. Its vocoder is one of the record's more emotional moments, a voice repeating the title over scrambling percussion. It's a heart-melting phrase, even atop the frosty production that dominates the EP. "Sip & Savour" and "AK" work with wonderfully clunky and unpredictable drum patterns that move between deep and funky melodic elements. "Northern Lights" is as serene as the real aurora borealis, merging glacial synths with choir-esque pads. D. Tiffany's previous two records, on Pacific Rhythm and Coastal Haze, showed her prowess for emotional house music. Feel U is moodier, but its rumbling sub-bass and motorised synths unfold in a way that mirrors those releases.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Feel U A2 AK B1 Sip & Savour B2 Northern Lights