Paul Woolford ‎- House Hits Vol. 1

  • The veteran producer provides Hot Creations with its classiest release in years.
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  • Big-room dance music doesn't need to be tacky. DJs like DJ Koze and Ricardo Villalobos show it's possible to rock massive rooms with some of the classiest house music ever produced. Jamie Jones, who also spins in the world's busiest clubs, probably realises this too, even though the music on his Hot Creations label might suggest otherwise. Leave it to Paul Woolford, a veteran DJ who made one of the most mind-bending techno tracks of all-time, to deliver Hot Creations' classiest track in years, a high-energy house bomb with everything you need for a big-room smash: well-selected vocals, groove and simple but effective melody. The track in question is "Story Of My Life," the A-side from House Hits Vol. 1. It unfurls with a veteran's touch, each element never in play for long, the only constant being the chunky bass synth that provides the main melody. The energy goes up and down but there's steady forward momentum, provided by the frequent breakdowns and clever shifts in the arrangement. It's easy to see this working on just about every dance floor on the planet, which is probably the surest sign of a classic big-room smash. "Don't Waste My Time" is less colourful, so stick with the euphoric A-side.
  • Tracklist
      A Story Of My Life B Don't Waste My Time