Lady Blacktronika - Wax Cylinder Only

  • Thumping house tunes that will liven up your next DJ set.
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  • The Lady Blacktronika's RA bio features the words "deep house" and "innovator," which are two things not often associated with one another. That said, her latest release, the Wax Cylinder Only double-pack, is rooted in that zone where deep house intersects with techno, which gives it the spacey feel that eludes many producers from the deep house realm. Wax Cylinder Only gives DJs plenty to choose from, making it a sure-shot purchase for any house jocks with a taste for classic yet cosmic sounds. The first disc is for peak-time. The drums are jacking and the moods are upbeat, with fun vocal snippets and earworm melodies. The streamlined "Body Move" is especially nice, thanks to a bubbling bassline and clever pacing. The energy rises slowly, the beat stepping aside for a few micro-breakdowns along the way. It's a smooth yet effective track, the sort of thing you might hear among Craig Richards' housier selections. "Love Room" and "Perception" are less nuanced and kick harder, hammering with the thump of big-room house. That leaves the second plate, where you will find a few options for a night's early hours. They come in the form of beatdown-style tracks that were previously only available digitally, and include cuts like "Pursuit Of Trackiness" and "Children Of The Ghetto." These are psychedelic house tunes, oozing from the speakers like a Workshop B-side melting under the sun. This sound is Lady Blacktronika at her most original.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Perception A2 Body Move B1 Love Room B2 How I Learned C1 Pursuit Of Trackiness C2 Children Of The Ghetto D1 Mummy Bells D2 Never Everything (Beatdownbient Mix)