People Plus - INC-003

  • Loose house tracks on a young label cofounded by Anthony Naples.
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  • You might not know the name, but you've definitely heard CZ Wang's work before. He was a key player in getting Mood Hut started in Vancouver a few years back (before he moved to New York City), and he's had his fingerprints on some of the greatest records from the Canadian dance music scene, including work on records by Jack J and Jex Opolis. Now he brings his new project with Joli B to Anthony Naples' Incienso label with two tracks that carry the woozy energy of those earlier Mood Hut records. Chris "CZ" Wang is one of the original founders of Mood Hut, and was a constant presence at the crew's early parties in Vancouver before he left for university in New York City. The feel of those Mood Hut parties washes over this record, with three insouciant jams that feel ramshackle but confident. "Olympus Mons" rides on a bassline that burrows its way into your head, while the whooping vocals and slip-sliding lead give it a loose feel. Turning on the acid, "Second Cycle" is headier, with a fun drum pattern and a killer keyboard melody that looks back to "Better." "Work It Out" finishes off the EP with a trippy wiggle underlined by jazzy drums. These are unhurried tunes with the casual air of a jam session.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Olympus Mons B1 Work It Out B2 Second Cycle