Jasmine Infiniti - SiS

  • Powerful experimental club music with hints of house and techno.
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  • "Throwing a party can be a radical act," Jasmine Infiniti said shortly after the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. "Having space for community—having the gall to celebrate our lives in a world that tells us that we should be afraid—is radical." Infiniti is a black trans woman with history in the New York ballroom scene. She's becoming a respected DJ in the US and internationally, and runs the queer party New World Dysorder. Her debut EP, SiS, comes courtesy of Club Chai, another radical Oakland-based party and experimental club collective celebrating underrepresented identities. SiS draws on both ballroom's syncopated energy and techno's hypnotic minimalism. Tracks like "Intervention" and "Flight At O'Hare" carry the agitated tone of Infiniti's previous productions, but the EP is generally more subdued than you might expect. "Inside Me" and "Wat U Gon Du" have a clear house influence. The latter is particularly impressive, with a disembodied voice moaning over a mutating loop for about six minutes before warm, mournful chords break the tension. The EP, Infiniti writes on Bandcamp, "is a work of very personal and emotional thematic material. It's dealing with my experience as a black trans woman in this new era." SiS evokes the feeling of radical celebration present in much of what Infiniti does without leaving the manic energy of the club too far behind.
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      01. Cry BB 02. Flight At O'Hare 03. Inside Me 04. Intervention 05. Wat U Gon Du 06. What I Need