Lone - Ambivert Tools Volume Four

  • The UK producer closes out his club-focussed EP series with three great tunes.
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  • Even while feuding with The Black Eyed Peas over alleged copyright infringement, Lone is making some of the best music of his career. It's not surprising such a mainstream group might have nicked one of the Brit's tunes—his music has a timeless appeal that's littered with addictive melodies. Lone's latest EP, Ambivert Tools Volume Four, the final instalment of his DJ-focused series, is another collection of deep, atmospheric jams. Like all of his past work, the tracks lean on basslines and slick electronics that are as pleasurable in your headphones as they are on a dance floor. The pick of the litter is "Blue Moon Tree," a killer DJ tool with a spiraling vocal sample that's like honey to the ears. It's grounded by warm synths and bass that keep the groove focused on moving a room while maintaining an effortless bounce. On "Pulsar," Lone explores cosmic IDM and UK techno for a potential set-closer heavy on feeling. "Oedo 808" is an upbeat electro trip filled with enough curious switch-ups and rude basslines to warrant a rewind. The EP is filled with the kind of personality we've come to expect from Lone. It has his busy sound design mixed with surgical programming and interesting tones and textures to keep you fascinated while dancing. Don't be surprised if you hear a sample from this one in some pop hit in the year 2037.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pulsar B1 Oedo 808 B2 Blue Moon Tree