Daniel Avery - Diminuendo

  • A hard-hitting EP from one of the UK's top techno artists.
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  • Daniel Avery's last album, Song For Alpha, explored his love of deep and ambient techno, though there was a bomb at the centre of it. "Diminuendo" was a raucous club track that paired the cerebral Northern Electronics-style techno he was peddling around the time of his DJ-Kicks mix with the brash approach of the Drone Logic era. Minimalist but outlined in bold strokes—and armed with a near-apocalyptic breakdown—"Diminuendo" is one of Avery's finest techno tracks, the kind of tune that broadens his appeal without losing any street cred. "Diminuendo" is the third single from Song For Alpha. It's the dance floor track to accompany the Projector EP's deep dive into fuzzy psychedelia. The lead melody on "Light Of Falling Rain" gurgles like an angry dial-up modem, writhing for six minutes on top of a loose tom-tom pattern. It's also a feast of sound design delights, particularly on the Haruki Murakami-referencing oddity "Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes," which is a few minutes of uncomfortable vocal effects and reverb. And then there's "Hyper Detail," a zippy acid workout with bouncy drums and a squelchy lead that tears a reckless path forward, transforming what could have been a loopy tool into a nail-biter. Aggressive but still detailed, Diminuendo isn't as reflective as previous EPs, but those looking for some old-school Avery thrills won't be disappointed.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Diminuendo A2 Hyper Detail B1 Light Of Falling Rain B2 Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes