Jimpster - Curve

  • Dreamy deep house from a veteran of the sound.
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  • Jamie Odell could be considered a security blanket of the deep house world. Like Linus's beloved comfort quilt, the music that Odell makes under his Jimpster moniker is dependable, soothing and cuddly, with a release schedule just steady enough to give the impression that he's always there to provide an escape from the realities of the world. Terms like "atmospheric," "warm" and "intimate" invariably pop up in descriptions of his work, though his output is far from homogeneous—his discography boasts plenty of downtempo material, near-techno, disco- and Afro-flecked material, broken beat and more, all connected by a dreamland glow. His latest release, the Curve EP, released on his venerable Freerange label, is a prime example of that dreamy sound. The title track boasts a rich assortment of shimmering synths, a Moog-esque lead line and effervescent squiggles that embellish the song's simple two-chord riff. With its sweet, heads-in-the-clouds feel and beatific flourishes, it's hard not to be reminded of the deeper, dreamier end of Italo. Odell hammers that connection home when he lays a bit of Italo touchstone Sueño Latino's "Sueño Latino" over that riff. It's perhaps a bit hackneyed, but effective nonetheless. "The Sweetness Of That Song" trades in the heaven-sent aura of "Curve" for a slightly tougher feel, with layers of jazzy loops and hazy Rhodes piano punctuated by propulsive chords and crisp drums. It's full of dynamic thrust, yet still imbued by the kind of blurred glow that's Odell's stock in trade. Odell reserves most of his soft-focus vibe for "Simmering Down." Following the relative flamboyance of the other cuts, it comes off as somewhat muted, with emotive pads and simple, densely packed keyboard trickles repeating over a descending bassline. It's also its most immersive number, full of ebbs and flows, with a subtle suppleness that's innately appealing. It's not flashy, but like most of Odell's work, it treads the line between polished sophistication and wispy ambience. It might be the sound of Odell working within his comfort zone, but that zone is a pretty satisfying place to linger.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Curve B1 The Sweetness Of That Song B2 Simmering Down