Meditation Tunnel - Glittering Jewel

  • Luke Jenner, formerly of The Rapture, delivers his Life And Death debut.
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  • The Life And Death boss Manfredi Romano, AKA DJ Tennis, and Luke Jenner, the former lead singer of The Rapture, met six years ago and bonded over their love of The Cure and US post-punk. Romano taught Jenner how to use Ableton and became a mentor of sorts, along with Joakim and Barnt. You can almost hear that hodgepodge of influences on Glittering Jewel, Jenner's first EP as Meditation Tunnel. But he also leaves his own distinguishing marks. As with his prior singles, Glittering Jewel's synths recall those used in The Rapture's heyday. Low-pitched stabs open the title track, which unfolds like fever dream. Flies buzz, Jenner sighs and synths squall, anchored by a steady beat. "Fire Fly" has a similar mood, all wobbly windblown pipes and tripped-out vocals. It's ripe for the Red Axes remix that adds bright arpeggios, a sped-up bassline and psychedelic strings. On "Silent Son," Jenner reclaims the ocean. The sound of crashing waves competes with brooding bass blobs, oscillating pads and Jenner's faint, distinctive vocal, utilised throughout the EP like an instrument. At once vaguely unsettling and strangely calming, this is idiosyncratic music that stays with you.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Glittering Jewel A2 Fire Fly B1 Fire Fly (Red Axes Remix) B2 Silent Son