Various - Bias Jams 3 (Munich Edition)

  • Percussive techno in Ilian Tape's classic style.
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  • A lot has changed for Ilian Tape since Bias Jams 2 came out in 2013. A relentless stream of releases, including breakout LPs by the Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask, have helped make Ilian Tape one of the best and most distinctive techno labels of the last decade. As well as cultivating a strong roster of core artists, the Zenkers have continued to pick up exciting up-and-comers for new releases. Bias Jams 3, like previous editions, features tracks from regulars as well as debutants, with a special emphasis this time on producers from the label's hometown of Munich. The results are solid. Kareem El Morr earns an impressive first production credit with the tense and tightly crafted "Eros 404," while Dario Zenker and newcomer Maurice Paloni team up for "CEJ," a track that features great rattling percussion in the classic Ilian Tape style, but lacks the harmonic magic touch needed to really generate momentum. Konrad Wehrmeister contributes "CWS," a satisfyingly groovy and rolling track held together by a bouncy bassline and big dubby stabs. Familiar faces Marco Zenker and Stenny close out the EP with "Imcon," a melancholy but raw and breaky track made using the Ilian Tape formula that we've heard before, but never fails to deliver.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Kareem El Morr - Eros 404 A2 Dario Z. - CEJ feat. Maurice P. B1 Konrad Wehrmeister - CWS B2 Marco & Stenny - Imcon