Ouri - We Share Our Blood

  • Exciting experimental pop from the Montreal-based newcomer.
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  • Ouri's latest EP, We Share Our Blood, follows last year's self-titled collaboration with the singer-songwriter Mind Bath. This time, Ouri, a Montreal-based DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, uses her own voice. The music here shows an artist with an exceptionally wide range. "Down" and "We Share Our Blood" resemble the R&B- and techno-inspired dance pop of the Norwegian duo Smerz. That's evident in the heavy bass beat and murmured talk-singing that bumps against other cut-up and contorted vocal samples. "Escape" draws from trip-hop and post-dubstep as Ouri sings over a slow breakbeat. "Hypersensis," the odd one out on the EP, is sweetly melodic techno. This variation in styles also extended to Ouri's other solo EP, last year's Superficial, where hard percussion loops were overlaid with lush instrumental soul and hip-hop with sleepy moods. It's hard to pin down what Ouri is trying to do, but she's off to a good start.
  • Tracklist
      01. Down 02. We Share Our Blood 03. Hypersensis 04. Escape 05. K-Yen Dreamin