The Maghreban - Monster VIP

  • Infectious club tracks.
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  • Ayman Rostom's long musical career has been particularly varied. He was educated in hardcore before making his first jungle tracks, after which he moved to hip-hop (as Dr Zygote) at the turn of the century. Then about five years ago he started making house music as The Magrebhan. These diverse influences are still very much present on his latest release, where bass with an exhilarating resonance clangs across the stutter and vocal stabs of "Monster VIP," a rework of a rap track from Rostom's side-project Strange U. The eclectic sound palette mixes what could be grime or video game samples over a stomping beat, while MC Kashmere's booming voice emerges like an end-level boss: "Beware of the monster." The track is menacing and infectious. A skittering remix of "Eddies" by the Bristol producer Batu applies rhythmic syncopations to diffuse synths. "Carpet Bombing" returns to a berserk yet familiar jumble of disparate elements woven together to create a deep sense of tension. Like the rest of the EP, it folds in on itself and makes something that somehow sounds right.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Monster VIP B1 Eddies (Batu Remix) B2 Carpet Bombing