Benny Benassi Presents The Biz - Love is Gonna Save Us

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  • Yea, I know – summer is done – finish – no more (well, at least here in the States, but you people down in Australia beware, cos the heat is beginning there). But hey I’ve been on vacation…so I’m sorry with the laziness on getting this out :P So the first thing I noticed when I picked up the new single by Benny Benassi was the cool picture disc. Is it me or has Kylie Minogue’s limited 12” picture discs’ creating a new gimmick to help sell some extra copies? If it is, I won’t argue cos it’s certainly a decorative bonus for anyone who picks them up. Apparently Benny didn’t get enough ‘satisfaction’ from the last single, and with the world seemingly on the brink of madness, a cool cut like this is always needed. Like the Beatles before him, Benny is calling everyone to just sing along because in the end – Love is Gonna Save Us all. Vocals again are kindly provided by The Biz, comprised of Paul French and Violita as Benny’s own Extra Long Mix is Electro all the way baby! You really can’t deny this hit on the club circuit, through radio play, or from the mainstream that must’ve grab this by now. With a crunching bass kick, and flowing percussion beginning early with the lyrics getting to shine right of the bat. Those funky synths and grooves are still infectious as the electrified vocals do well to get the dancefloor hot and sweaty. Never overpowering or overused, Benny wants another massive hit. However, there’s too much rerub from the “satisfaction” hit all over the original. It seems as though Benny replaced one lyric line for another. Will this be “Satisfaction” all over again? Yea, why not – it’s a summery tune from start to finish, weaving naked waves of pouring sweat and Ibiza smiles for the sunrise. As the Benny’s mix was funky and upbeat, Felix (Da Housecat to his adoring fans) takes a more subtitle take on the summer track. Everything is kept at a minimum with the vocals getting more focus. Extended focus of the electro synths getting. This remix reminds me a bit of Sasha’s mix of Felix’s own “Watching as Cars Go By.” It has the speedy four-to-the-floor beat running with slightly pitched up vocal. The short breaks work in conjunction with the vocals, but then things start to swing a 180. The buildup comes along and as the breakdown ensues, you feel that it’s a bit forgettable. Unfortunately, what hurts the remix is the appearance that the remix doesn’t go anywhere, but stays in place. There’s not enough depth and it relies too much of Felix’s signature electro horns. As a stand-alone track, it doesn’t hold your attention very well. It’s just a perfect sing-a-long really and how can you complain about that. Either sit down, stand up, take a lager with friends or find a girl to dance with, you can’t go wrong with Benny Benassi.