Untidy - Untidy 006

  • Jonas Kopp looks to house across five groove-led tracks.
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  • Untidy sits at the nostalgic end of the Argentinian producer Jonas Kopp's output. He's released countless functional techno records under his own name since starting out about a decade ago, many channeling the inhuman functionality of music from Detroit. But even at its most mechanical, Kopp's music has soul. The same goes for the Detroit house Untidy is inspired by, which was channeled through the city's bleak industrial context. Untidy 006 is the sixth Untidy release in as many years. There's humility to the music's repetitious and hypnotic nature, the songs titled by the letters of the alphabet. Untidy 006 presents five tracks of varying intensity. "A" launches into a daydreaming groove, a warm surface crackle flooding a mechanical cadence of claps and square waves led by a robust bassline. Other tracks deepen the listener's state of hypnosis, while "D" hits with invigorating clarity. That one delivers grinding beats that cradle you into a daze of motion. There are parallels between Kopp's techno and Detroit house, which explains why Untidy emulates it so well.
  • Tracklist
      A1 A A2 B A3 C B1 D B2 E