Lurka - Heat Mover / Battery

  • Downtempo beat science from the UK.
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  • Lurka, AKA Benjamin Tregaskes, has come some way since his early days, during which the Bristol-based producer hit peak wobble bass with 2013's "Full Clip" on Hotline Recordings. His sound soon moved on from lean beats and heavy sub-bass frequencies with the surprising Beater EP on Batu's Timedance label. Like many producers inspired by Bristol's early contributions to dubstep, Tregaskes has managed to expand his sound and stay interesting. Heat Mover / Battery is Tregaskes's first solo release on Timedance since he slowed to 115 BPM for the colossal wallop that was "Beater." There's more of the same hip-hop tempo here. The muted toms of "Heatmover" strut through deep and menacing synth sweeps that dip in and out of earshot, with a syncopated kick anchoring the wild assortment of bass tones, clicks and claps. "Battery" is even more screwy, the beat moving in an easy, soca-like groove while square waves, a blunt metallic bassline and wavy pad distortions play against each other. One can only expect more dynamic, high-intensity combinations like this to come.
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      A Heat Mover B Battery