Black Coffee & David Guetta - Drive feat. Delilah Montagu

  • A radio-friendly club hit that crosses scenes.
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  • Alarm bells started ringing when I found out Black Coffee had made a track with David Guetta. Though the South African star was a big deal back home long before he broke Europe, he's always done a neat job straddling the underground and the mainstream, pushing a house sound that, while increasingly polished, has retained warmth and depth. Guetta, I thought, might put a stop to all that, given his fondness for jarring synths and oversized drops. But listening to "Drive," a slice of pop-house with a soppy vocal, it's another classic Black Coffee production, albeit glossier and with none of the rhythmic swing. That said, the track isn't terrible. In fact, with its pleasant house beat and lack of pyrotechnics, it might be my favourite thing Guetta has put his name to since "When Love Takes Over," featuring Kelly Rowland, in 2009. Yes, London singer Delilah Montagu's vocals are lyrically cheesy, but her delivery is balmy and effortless. The woody melody is catchy and the chorus annoyingly so—after three listens you'll never want to hear it again. In other words, it's the radio-friendly club hit Guetta and Black Coffee set out to make.
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      01. Drive