CUB - Seeing From Above

  • Regis and Mønic combine for three gritty techno tracks.
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  • In the six years since Simon Shreeve's last outing with Karl O'Connor, AKA Regis, as CUB, he's shifted towards his Mønic alias. Initially fusing the stepping patterns and clinical sound design of his former Kryptic Minds project with a gaseous, imposing brand of techno, his work has become freer with each release. The last two years have found him in a sphere not unlike the UVB-76 label, moving between stark, drum & bass-compatible missiles, broken techno and dread-laden experiments. He's actually released EPs from key UVB-76 affiliates Pessimist and Overlook on his Osiris Music UK outlet, but collaborative works with Burial and O'Connor show that he has a vision of his own. Of all the ingredients in that vision, hip-shaking grooves aren't exactly at the top of the list. Yet Seeing From Above's standout tracks balance menace with a welcome dose of funk. "Seeing From Above" has a spring in its step recalling The Master Side, but it stands apart thanks to the interesting tone of its central percussion pattern. It sounds like a detuned steel drum, all resonant, metallic overtones and gong-like harmonics. "Primitive Sleep"'s charms are similar. A hint of snare helps turn what might've been an impressive but leaden slow-burner into something more engaging. It's telling that the one heavy-footed track, "Informal Beauty," feels like a missed opportunity in comparison. Its cello-esque pads are beautiful, but they might've been better serviced with a less grizzly kick and more room to breathe. That said, its sadistic chug balances the fleet-footed stride elsewhere on the EP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Seeing From Above B1 Informal Beauty B2 Primitive Sleep