Borusiade - Their Specters

  • Sombre sketches on Ostgut Ton's experimental sub-label.
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  • "If I feel I'm in the wrong place I'd much rather not be there at all," said Borusiade, AKA Miruna Boruzescu, about how she wound up on Matias Aguayo's Cómeme label. The Bucharest-born, Berlin-based producer has shot up quickly since her first Cómeme release in 2016, appearing on Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant and the Minimal Wave sub-label Cititrax. Boruzescu is hesitant to name her sound, which touches new wave, minimal synth, EBM, techno and even nu-disco. There's also a strong '80s electro element to her earlier releases, which the former child choir singer credits to her interest in Baroque composition. This peculiar refusal to fit in makes Boruzescu a good fit for a label like Unterton. The Ostgut Ton sub-label looks outside the purist techno core of its sister label in the same way Berghain is diversifying their live programming through its newest space, Säule. That said, the Unterton catalogue hasn't strayed too far from Ostgut's core sound. On Their Specters, Boruzescu also doesn't deviate too much from hers. The EP feels like a happy compromise between label and artist. "Forewarned Is Forearmed" has a steady rhythm, the undertow of a broken kick drum pattern lifting it out of its stupor. "Atlas" pulls back to the dark ambient you find on Blackest Ever Black. Noisy and droning, it would suit the warm-up hours at Berghain. There's always been a sombre and alienating mood to Borusiade's work, which again reveals itself in the darker instrumentation of Their Specters.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Forewarned Is Forearmed A2 Common Ancestor B1 Doublethink B2 Atlas