LCD Soundsystem - Some Remixes

  • Dixon and Lovefingers rework tracks from one of last year's biggest albums.
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  • There are a few qualities that make LCD Soundsystem's music ripe for remixes. The group's tracks are often close to a club-friendly tempo. Their synth lines are some of the richest and best-sounding out there. And James Murphy often sings in a sort of rallying cry that unites people on a dance floor. The long history of LCD Soundsystem remixes, which has included memorable versions by Soulwax, Theo Parrish and Lindstrøm, continues here, as Dixon and Lovefingers tackle tracks from the group's excellent 2017 album, American Dream. Dixon sometimes uses words like "rework" or "update" instead of remix, terms that better describe the light touch of his work. His "retouch" of "I Used To" fits this bracket. It's a straightforward club update with DJ-friendly drums, an extended run-time and a nicely executed breakdown. It doesn't improve the original or make you think differently about it, but nor does it need to—the point here is dance floor efficacy, which it achieves. Lovefingers' two versions of "Oh Baby" are more ambitious. Where Dixon's remix fits the tone and spirit of the original, Lovefingers casts "Oh Baby" in a different light. This is most noticeable on the vocal-led remix, where Murphy's soaring melancholy is made to feel playful next to a frisky piano line, a slow-mo house beat and cosmic synths. If you listened to the original a lot you might find it difficult to form a different type of relationship with the song, in which case the dub version might suit you better.
  • Tracklist
      01. I Used To (Dixon Retouch) 02. Oh Baby (Lovefingers Remix) 03. Oh Baby (Lovefingers Dub)