Dillinja - My Sound (1993 - 2004)

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  • My Sound is the latest compilation release from drum'n'bass legend Dillinja and takes in over 11 years worth of drum'n'bass and jungle music from one of the biggest names in the scene. Typically known for his harder take on drum'n'bass, Dillinja creates music to suit the sound system at Valve, the club which he named his record label after - bass lines and audio frequencies purposely designed to vibrate and shake all parts of your anatomy and My Sound takes the best of these and puts it into one neat little package. Forsaken Dreams soulful vocalist, deep farty bassline on a laidback introduction before ripping into a hard break. All The Things goes on a similar vibe featuring a jazzy keyboard lick and falsetto vocals before ripping into a much harder break and bassline workout, creating a dark contrast between vocals and rhythm. The classic Sovereign Melody brings the vibe down to chillout drum'n'bass. Jazzy melodies, female vocal stabs and downtempo (well for drum'n'bass anyway) beats. Acid Trak brings back the dark vibes on a tripped out sci-fi adventure featuring alienoid sci-fi movie bass lines and hard hitting breaks dropping several variations on the drum'n'bass theme. Rainforest features a latin guitar line, a funky bongo break and jazzy flute lick during its massive intro before breaking out the massive old skool breaks and bass drops. The Angels Fell revisits the atmospheric chill out sounds during the introduction. Drawn out synth lines, eerie vocal samples, and minimal drum breaks before unleashing dark and moody breaks featuring lots of percussive effects. It comes as no surprise to that hard noises emanate when Hard Noize hits the speakers. Croaky bass lines, "Amen" style breaks and drum fills make up the brunt of the tune, but make for a really repetitve tune. Dillinja incorporates the use of hardcore gangster samples on the classic Muthafucka. A massive droning synth bass line takes care of the low end frequencies with hard jungle style breaks keeping the beats locked tightly. Thugged Out Bitch is an anthem made popular by all the big name DJ's including J Majik and Craze who have featured it on their CD's, drum'n'bass fans will instantly recognise the female vocals and chant along with the lyrics. Another massive bass line and hard crashing snares will make this a dancefloor favourite in years to come. While the music on My Sound has been purposely designed by Dillinja for use on the Valve sound system, 11 years worth of tunes on here really don't show much progression from his early days to the sound of now. Perhaps his production is cleaner thanks to advances in technology, but it sounds like he's been producing mostly the same music he was when he started - with a couple of noteworthy exceptions in Sovereign Melody and Rainforest.