DEKA - Rush Remixes

  • The Moscow techno "supergroup" gets remixed.
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  • Rush Remixes follows PG TUNE's first compilation, Centrifuge One: New Dance Sound Of Moscow. Among tracks by other artists from in the Russian capital, the LP featured "Rush" by DEKA, AKA ДЭКА. DEKA is a self-described "supergroup" made up of PG TUNE label-owner Philipp Gorbachev and Andrew Lee of Obgon and Interchain, who both contribute to Rush Remixes. Centrifuge One aimed to present "a fresh vision of the globally evolving dance floor universe," but the music didn't quite live up to this claim. (The insistent rhythm of the original "Rush" didn't go beyond functional tech house.) For the new version of "Rush," Gorbachev's remix reduces the original to its rhythms, turning them up to an anxiety-inducing speed. The "Obgon Safari Remix" does the opposite. It slows the tempo and disrupts the groove with disorienting syncopations and brooding synth inserts. It eventually sinks into a dark electro, teasing flourishes of metallic industrial beats. Applying a more dance-friendly bass rhythm that rides on a scintillating loop, only the little-known producer Ushi333 makes "Rush" more interesting.
  • Tracklist
      01. Rush (Philipp Gorbachev Mix) 02. Rush (Ushi333 Edit) 03. Rush (Obgon Safari Remix)
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