Draculas Lutz & Omar - Auf Wiedersehen

  • Nicolas Lutz collaborates with Omar on three cosmic tunes.
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  • Nicolas Lutz's DJ sets have had a big influence on an emerging style of production. While his digging talents have given new life to forgotten dance music from the '90s, his signature mixture of tech house, techno, electro and breaks birthed a new constellation of labels and artists dedicated to making new productions in this image. To Lutz's credit, however, he's never had to release music to advance his career. So when a 12-inch with Uruguayan compatriot Omar was announced in March, there was a mixture of surprise and high expectations. The truth is that Auf Wiedersehen sounds very much like an Omar record. This is no bad thing. Even among the ever-growing scene of producers trying their hand at this sound, Omar's been an exceptional voice since his productions appeared just two years ago. And given Auf Wiedersehen's sound palette, one could guess that it was tracked in his studio. "Gerogliftko" would be a standout track even in Omar's fine catalogue, but its best feature—the growling bassline—sounds like something you'd hear in a Lutz set. The stomping 909, moody organ and gnarled 303 on "Tschuss" are dead simple, but the spooky mood and up-right groove are spot on, requiring only some snare fills and the odd break to keep things heated. "Instrumento" is the outlier. Its garish, oversized bass stabs call to mind Lutz's weirder UK-circa-1991 selections, but, again, the bubbling acid and percolating pads skews towards Omar. Auf Wiedersehen sounds like two friends having fun in the studio, recording a few good takes and pressing the results. It's a strong 12-inch.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Instrumento B1 Tschuss B2 Gerogliftko