Nikola Gala - Blue Impulse / Subterra

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  • The next release on the ever-lively Intrinsic Recordings comes out of Greece. With the success of the Euro’s as well as the forthcoming Olympics, it appears that there is a buzz with anything coming out of Greece. Nikola Gala is no exception, as the man out of Thessaloniki has been impressing many people lately, namely with his excellent release on DK Recordings (‘Swing To Harmony’). This latest release on Intrinsic is set to tear apart many a dancefloor in Ibiza this summer, and here is why… First up is the very massive Blue Impulse. Nice full beats begin the track alongside some very nice atmospheric pads and subtle bubbly melodies. Soon enough, Nikola unleashes a deep baseline that gives the track a great groove, and with this incentive, the track progresses along very nicely. The melodic breakdown midway into the track should really indicate that something quite anthemic is happening here, and as the beats come storming back in the track hits its very nice peak. Massive stuff really! Subterra is on the flip and its not quite as uplifting as the a-side, but it is still quite devastating. The beats are a little deeper, and the pulsating baseline is to die for. Eerie vocal samples as well as subtle wails and string patterns give the track a very good depth, and really make it addictive. For me this is probably the more impressive track, as it is not as obvious, and as such it hits you quite deeply as opposed to the full on nature of the a-side. A brilliant release here on Intrinsic, a label not afraid to stick to its roots, and with Summer hitting in many continents, I am sure many punters will be happy the label is sticking to its upbeat progressive roots.