Remute - Fragments Of R.

  • Techno with hints of IDM, released on floppy disc.
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  • Hamburg's Remute, AKA Denis Karimani, has always enjoyed pushing the limits of technology. In the early 2000s, he even developed an iPhone app that allowed punters to remix his beats while he was performing. When he was a kid, Karimani would reassemble VHS-recorders and modified game consoles, which led to his fascination with home computers like the Commodore 64 and, eventually, floppy disk games and their soundtracks. After decades in the techno scene, Karimani is currently releasing music, and DJing with it, on floppy disc. He does this to "reduce data, ideas and file sizes to their absolute minimum in order to cope with limited and forgotten technologies" and make "raw-sounding tracks out of these limitations." That's the theme of his latest floppy release, Fragments Of R. The four-track EP centers on the upbeat title track. It's littered with distorted hiss, faint cymbals, crunchy bass growls and bright, rave-ready synths, and would light up a dance floor. The rest of the release is sparse and experimental. "Conscious River" sounds like dub-techno playing in a tin can, while "Wax Persona" nods to IDM. According to a recent report from Discogs, floppy disc sales are growing. While those stats might be a momentary novelty, Remute's latest floppy disc is an enjoyable statement from a producer who continues to toy with how we listen to dance music.
  • Tracklist
      01. Fragments Of R. 02. Conscious River 03. Dewire 04. Wax Persona
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