Terr - Neuromancer

  • Cosmic house and techno for your next trip to Mars, remixed by Krystal Klear.
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  • The Barcelona-based Brazilian producer and DJ Daniela Caldellas, AKA Terr, has specialised in a dystopic, sci-fi-influenced brand of house music since making her debut on Hotflush in 2016. Neuromancer, her first release on Correspondant and second EP of 2018, is named after the classic 1984 sci-fi novel by William Gibson. The title track is loaded with a wobbly low-end and synths deployed like lightsabers to conjure deep, weightless space. A floor-shuddering bassline adds heft, but the menace is overwhelmed by a more pleasant sensation. It's like floating in some gravity-free zone, travelling without moving. Krystal Klear's remix is predictably maximalist. . A drum pattern that has no choice but to go somewhere leads into a barrage of excitable elements. There's an electronic bell, an unwieldy bassline that wouldn't sound of place on a Red Axes track, a bouncy riff that recalls peak-era Rex The Dog and synth from the original. Like much of what Krystal Klear makes, it's infectious as hell. Terr's "Multiverse" takes us back to the cosmos with moody crackle, noirish synths, eerie vocals and pop-gun effects. Terr has a fondness for sounds that evoke the best sci-fi soundtracks of '70s and '80s, and "Multiverse," like one of those films, is at once hopeful and searching, mystical and muscular. Neuromancer, Terr's fifth EP in two years, continues her impressive run.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Neuromancer B1 Multiverse B2 Neuromancer (Krystal Klear Remix)