Beta Evers & Alienata - Devotion

  • Darkwave meets electro on this moody EP.
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  • For the third release on her Discos Atónicos imprint, the Berlin-based DJ Alienata welcomes Beta Evers, a prolific darkwave and electro veteran. Real name Brigitte Enzler, she's been involved in the scene for more than two decades, notably collaborating with Drexciya's Gerald Donald. Those and numerous other collaborations aside, she's a force in her own right, plying a distinctly moody sound that's as seductive as it is sinister. Devotion's A-side sees Enzler unearthing older material to offer two bass-heavy cuts, featuring her suggestive, icily articulated vocals. "Predictions," a track conceived a decade ago and finished just recently, is packed with prickly synths and paranoid sci-fi pads. But the real winner is a new take on "Only For My Satisfaction," a deliciously deviant track issued on a now-rare 2003 EP for Crème Organization. With its grinding, muscular basslines and dominatrix-esque lyrics, the original is already enough of a banger. Enzler keeps a light touch on this "Bodyvolt" remix (named after one of her labels), enhancing the track's erotic potency with a few extra sighs and murmurs. On the B-side is a rare production from Alienata, "Memory," which we're told was recorded in one take in Chicago six years ago. Retro-tinged and charmingly melodramatic, it merges synth pop sensibilities with gritty, low-slung house flavors over nine minutes. A fine effort, but Enzler's irresistible darkwave machinations are the main draw.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Beta Evers - Predictions A2 Beta Evers - Only For My Satisfaction (Bodyvolt Remix) B1 Alienata - Memory