Remake - Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)

  • An uninspired remix that adds modern tech house touches to the original.
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  • Maceo Plex is the latest high-profile artist to contribute to what might be dance music's most uninspired series, Renaissance Recordings' Remix Collection. Following entries by Solomun and Tale Of Us, his version of Remake's "Blade Runner," a cover of Vangelis's famous score, takes the same approach as previous instalments, sprinkling a classic tune with the markers of modern tech house. But the original's snaking arpeggio bassline is already primed for big-room use—any DJ who can't get a dance floor rocking with this tune should reconsider their career. This makes Maceo Plex's approach, which aims to increase its impact with obvious big-room touches, a little confusing. He keeps the original bassline, which turns out to be the remix's only redeeming feature. But alongside additional strings and an early breakdown, he adds a range of dark atonal noises that blast across the mix like slaps to the face. It could be an attempt to channel the disorienting mood of the original Blade Runner score, but thanks to the placid beat and familiar strings they accompany, their impact is nowhere near Vangelis's timeless piece. Instead, they feel like imitations of producers like Stephan Bodzin and Âme, who use similar noises to a greater effect. You might argue that remixes like this accomplish their intended purpose, and are simply recontextualising old music. Even so, DJs would be better off reaching for the original, where you'll find plenty of energy without the cheap tricks.
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      01. Remake - Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)