Kornél Kovács - Metropolis

  • Sunny house tunes made for boat parties.
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  • Dance music's cyclical nature rewards producers who rehash old ideas, which makes it particularly refreshing when someone presents a new spin on a sound that's been done to death. Kornél Kovács makes summery house with a playful edge, sample-heavy club bombs that strike a balance between kooky and classy. His first EP of 2018, released on Unknown To The Unknown, features three more tracks in this style. "Metropolis" is the best fit for soaring temperatures, the kind of track that will do damage on Croatian boat parties. A jolly vocal sample, coated in a thick haze, rides over raucous hi-hats and a wicked bassline. To keep things interesting, Kovács intermittently yanks the filter, ducking the energy before boosting it again. Not letting the track sit still is one of the Swede's signature moves, which we see again on "Babasonic." He teases hi-hats for the first 60 seconds, leaving the throaty melody to steer. The mood is less celebratory than "Metropolis," though distant diva vocals in the second half add a tinge of euphoria. "Panda" is more upbeat if a little busy around the midsection, as the track's two motifs, a killer spindly synth line and a giddy disco loop, collide. Even so, it's still more vibrant than most of the house music out there.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Metropolis B1 Babasonic B2 Panda