Various - Wiedergaben Vol. 2

  • Battle-ready techno and industrial edits by Ancient Methods.
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  • Michael Wollenhaupt might be a Berlin techno veteran but his style and influence is broad. He operates at the intersection of techno, post-punk and industrial while absorbing the sounds of psychedelic and dark ambient. Wiedergaben Vol. 2 presents some of these influences in Wollenhaupt's two edits as Room 506, plus a new track credited to his long-running Ancient Methods project. The obscure German new wave jewel "Die Nacht" by Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts appears as an extended five-minute version, increased from its original two-minute runtime. The same sample used in Masters At Work's "The Ha Dance" and a pounding techno beat muffles the original's harsh noise and crashing soundbytes, putting the focus on Manuela Brandenstein's gruff German vocals while propelling forward. "Ich Steh' Im Regen," a dread-inducing dark ambient track by the Gothenburg artist Deutsch Nepal, gets a similar treatment. A distorted, looped synth and insistent beat add structure to the original moaning monotone vocals and distorted tape loops. "Der Schmied" brings in another Gothenburg native, Thomas Ekelund as Trepaneringsritualen, who adds his guttural roar to the track's metallic pulse. The ritual ambient and death industrial performer's sound straddles the border between occult power electronics and black metal. On paper, Ekelund and the other artists featured on Wiedergaben Vol. 2 are distinct. In reality, they share many similarities. It takes a talented producer to bring all those elements together and make it feel right.
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      A1 Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts - Die Nacht (Room 506 Edit) A2 Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts - Die Nacht B1 Deutsch Nepal - Ich Steh' Im Regen (Room 506 Edit) B2 Ancient Methods - Der Schmied feat. Trepaneringsritualen