2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice Remixes

  • The UK hardcore pioneers get a modern re-rub from Sully and FaltyDL.
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  • Sneaker Social Club is a label doggedly committed to UK rave revivalism, and there's probably no record that validated their mission more than Gone Too Soon, a 2016 EP by 2 Bad Mice. Here was a group that helped define the era from which Sneaker Social Club draws inspiration, having innovated the use of breakbeats in their own productions, while Rob Playford, one of the group's members, ran Moving Shadow, a label that helped shape jungle and drum & bass, releasing many of those genres' best records. Against all odds, their comeback record was not an exercise in nostalgia—it was, as Angus Finlayson put it, "shockingly good new material." It also seems to have been somewhat overlooked, which makes this new remix EP all the more welcome. FaltyDL's take on "Limit Of Paradise" is more modern than revivalist. A stepping rhythm and an old-school vocal sample are the only constants. The rest of the track is a continuously morphing medley of sounds, each drifting into the next breezily and unpredictably. Like much of his best music, this one riffs on a number of different styles without committing to any of them fully. Sully, on the other hand, goes all-in on one sound: jungle. His remix of "Gone Too Soon" is a soaring rush of vaporous breaks, delivered with the crystalline production quality we've come to expect from the UK producer. But it's the track's striking emotionality—a mournful tone conveyed in the pads and the vocal samples—that really gets under your skin.
  • Tracklist
      01. Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix) 02. Limit Of Paradise (FaltyDL Remix)