Cinthie - Ninetease / Treize

  • A lean house EP to light up dance floors.
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  • "Some people might say the music I play doesn't really fit to the rest of what's happening at Watergate," Cinthie said in an interview about her residency. "But for me, it's kinda challenging to bring something different [and] open the door for more artists like me." This approach also applies to her role as a label owner. Through records on Beste Modus, Beste Freunde and the newer label We_r House, she has hosted tracks from plenty of newcomers. But her latest EP is on ZKY's new label, Ground Service Records. Tight, stripped-back and clean, "Ninetease" and "Treize" are streamlined with low slung-basslines and summery synth hooks. Cinthie knows the right moment to slide a swinging hi-hat or pad progression into the mix. Those subtle movements make minimal tracks come alive on a dance floor. ZKY provides two remixes, filling in extra definition and colour. His refix of "Ninetease" stays true to the original, while the "Treize" remix takes a new approach, introducing a slinky 303 line that teases the swinging hi-hats.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ninetease A2 Treize B1 Ninetease (Zky Remix) B2 Treize (ZKY Remix)