Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink

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  • Border Community has made a very strong impact in its first year of operation, with cracking releases from Label manager James Holden, as well as the likes of Petter, Nathan Fake and Avus to name just a few. The label again calls on one of its young guns in 21 year old Nathan Fake to deliver another slab of goodness to this fine imprint, and he tries to do just that with The Sky Was Pink. Not only is his Original mix on here, but James Holden gets in on the act with a reworking, and his mix joins a couple of DJ tools as well. First up though is the Original Live Take, a version that was done by Nathan in one single take. Very slow and smooth, the track features some twisted high tones effects that get the tweaking and hack and slash treatment from Fake. Very unique, and probably not one for the dancefloors, this production showcases a unique side to Nathan’s work. Following this is the Icelandic Version which is sped up to more normal dancefloor speeds, however, this is still far from being a dancefloor cut as the beats are very minimal and intricate. It is still similar to the original live mix in that the sounds, synths and melodies are still strong, yet it hits you at a more upbeat tempo. On the flip is firstly the Holden Remix, and again the label manager shines in the production hat. The club friendly mix in this release, the beats have the trademark James Holden quirkiness to them, as well as the typical tweaked melodies. The baseline is simply devastating as it pounds at the senses alongside the original twisted synths and melodies, and as the track progresses, the beats get noticeably heavier, with the kick simply banging at the door. Twisted and strangely addictive yet again from James. The Holden Tool follows and it is almost another production in itself, albeit a shorter and quicker one at that. One word really – quirky! A very interesting release here, but then again, it wouldn’t be a border community release if it wasn’t twisted and unique in some way. For me the Holden Remix is where the release shines, but the a-side does have its twisted moments that please!