Laksa - Delicates

  • A bass-heavy release that also highlights Laksa's ear for melody.
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  • Laksa's techno productions have an ominous energy. The sub-bass on his tracks is heavy and palpable, but it's arranged in a way that rolls by like a breeze. This sense of space given to heavy sounds carried over to his Ilian Tape debut, Camo, especially on the track "Like It's 99." "Yogi's Choice," the closing track on Laksa's second Ilian Tape release, inhabits the same dreamy, tape-hiss-tinted musical world that Camo did. But the rest of Delicates has a crisper, more defined sound. "Madu's Break" is his best track yet, where a skittering, oscillating synth line dances around sluggish bass, building the mood with hallucinatory charm. When the breaks kick in just two minutes in, it's the sound of a slowly swaying dance floor erupting into chaos. The atmosphere is subdued by a pad that sits quietly before breaks pandemonium ensues. The title track pairs catchy digital howls with bubbling, paranoid synths and reasserts Laksa's great skill for melodic earworms.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Delicates A2 Madu's Break B1 Dust B2 Yogi's Choice