Alexkid feat Lissette Alea - Don’t Hide It (Acid Reworks)

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  • Alexkid makes his return to F-Communication with another vocal stormer entitled Don’t Hide It. As the title suggests, this release unleashes three Acid house based reworkings, two from Alexkid himself and one from the master of Acid House, Josh Wink. On the a-side is the Josh Wink acid pussy interpretation. The track starts nicely enough, with some subdued drum patterns and a slight acid hook. The vocal kicks in early and sets a soothing groove from the beginning. As the track progresses, the drums get noticeably more intense, as do the acid hooks which gain force. Soothing pads also help set the smooth tones throughout, creating a pretty good result here for Josh, especially towards the end as it all comes together very nicely. On the flip is firstly the Alexkid Vocal. Again the acid baselines are ever present as this mix gets going from the word go. It doesn’t really build like the a-side does, but never fear, as it is very good from the word go with a very nice flow. Much like the Wink mix however, the acid riffs get quite intense towards the end of the production, as they go a little wild! The Alexkid Acid Dub is very much like the vocal mix minus the vocals of course. The arrangement is quite different, with the acid hooks gaining in intensity a lot sooner then they do in the vocal mix. This mix really is all about the twisted hooks and sounds and the very delicious breakdown midway in that leads back into the beats crashing back in with some force! Another very sold release for the French crew at F Com. The Josh Wink mix is of pretty high quality as usual and the two Alexkid mixes are also quite solid.