Camea - NAF 97

  • Straightforward DJ tools from a veteran of the form.
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  • Camea Hoffman is a Pisces, which perhaps explains the dreamier motifs of her recent minimal techno productions. It's rare within that style to hear melodies unfurl as something more than a complement to a thumping bassline. Camea seems to have realised this as well. Clink, the label she started in 2005, was about serving the beat with stoicism, heard in her own records and contributions from artists like Tim Xavier and Alexi Delano. But just over a decade later, it's clear that her approach to production has changed. 2016's "Signs" and 2017's "Vanish" might be the most expressive tracks that Camea has ever released. NAF 97 combines the pressurized stomp of her earlier releases with the lushness of her recent records. The title track is a maximalist synth workout, all burnished ends and soaring synths, while "Jack U" ricochets a vocal sample across crisp hi-hats for an uphill climb that never lets up. Camea's ear for A&R has always served her well from a remix standpoint, and this record is no exception. Markus Suckut lends a ravey '90s fade to "NAF 97," while Matrixxman's version of "Jack U" strips away everything but the acid, eventually blending the kicks into a field of noise.
  • Tracklist
      A1 NAF 97 A2 NAF 97 (Markus Suckut Remix) B1 Jack U B2 Jack U (Matrixxman Self Love Mix)