Perel - Alles Remixes

  • A hit-and-miss remix collection that ranges from functional to experimental.
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  • "Alles," one of the standout tracks from Perel's debut album, Hermetica, neatly summed up the German artist's USP. It's an airy mix of krautrock, space disco and new wave with an accessible pop sheen, a sound she arrived at after several years of hard gigging in Berlin's various club scenes. "Alles"'s charisma owes a lot to Perel's catchy German-language vocal, which, had it surfaced more frequently on Hermetica, might have given some of its slighter ideas more personality. On the dub version of that track, some minor tweaks give it a clubby intensity. It's not always subtle. Some climactic drama is shoehorned in with a loose organ riff, but the noodly euphoria is both jarring and unearned. Some clumsy choices also spoil Red Axes' remix, which is overcooked by fluttering loops and undone by awkwardly placed vocals. "Alles" is overhauled more comprehensively by the other two remixers. Lawrence Le Doux turns it into a gorgeous aether of synth chords and rich bass. The chimes and vocals, though faint, enrich Le Doux's irresistibly warm production. Nadia Struiwigh's excellent remix is even more out-there. The atmosphere is greyscale sci-fi, the tempo a slow-fast 190 BPM. Its movie-soundtrack pads evoke a (by-now-familiar) rain-slicked metropolis, but a simple chime figure lends some light amid all that shadow.
  • Tracklist
      01. Alles (Dub Version) 02. Alles (Red Axes Remix) 03. Alles (Lawrence Le Doux Remix) 04. Alles (Nadia Struiwigh Remix)