Slam feat. Ann Saunderson - Lie To Me (Remixes)

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  • After the very solid first disc of Lie To Me by Slam, a release which featured the Vocal and dub mixes, Soma call on two pretty diverse artists in Dave Clarke and the Freestyleman to deliver the reworking of this fine track! First up is the very intense Dave Clarke Remix. Very dirty and sinister this remix is, with the heart pounding baseline taking center stage, despite a good presence of the vocals and the original melodic riffs. The beats are intense throughout, but it is the deep low-end sounds as well as the nice synth riffs that give this remix a very tough gritty edge. Delightful stuff! On the flip, the Freestyleman Thirsty Monk Remix adds a funky electro touch to the remix package. Bouncing electro baselines, as well as quirky beat patterns and deep descending electro wobbles make this a very interesting production. Combined with the original melodies and the vocals of course, this remix is sure to tear dancefloors apart. After the very solid original remixes, I was a little skeptical as to how good these remixes could compare, but I must confess they have exceeded my expectations. Tough gritty Techno from Clarke and funky electro on the flip just demonstrated the good diversity in this remix package. Check it out at all costs.