Josh Wink - Selecta

  • A functional acid track without the spark of the style's best tunes.
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  • Josh Wink has been popping off dance floors for longer than many of us have been alive. If anyone is equipped with the intuition needed to take the temperature and prescribe the right dose for the dance, it's Dr. Wink. His new single, "Selecta," builds like a pressure cooker. It's essentially an ode to Chicago, all jacking 707s and snaking acid without the DIY character that's made those originals so durable. The drums and splashes of effects feel canned when viewed under a microscope but they sound authentic enough on a system. Depending on your disposition, the brutal simplicity of the programming and structure is either madness-inducing or boring. It all falls into place when a reggae vocal roars over the beat late in the game. Whistles and cowbells clang into the mix, giving things a carnival-esque, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink vibe. "Selecta" is hardly Wink's most inventive effort but it should draw a wry grin in the mix.
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      A1 Selecta B1 Selecta (Instrumental Mix)