Route 8 - Come Home

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  • Before you listen to Come Home, revisit 2014's Dry Thoughts, Route 8's first EP for Lobster Theremin. You will hear remarkable changes in both label and artist. Back then, Gergely Szilveszter Horváth and Lobster Theremin were about hazy lo-fi house music. Come Home feels technicolour in comparison. Lobster Theremin's 50th release reflects the development of both Horváth and the label, which has broadened its sound over time. Come Home is open-minded, with four tracks that tackle different kinds of house music. "FunFun" is a gloriously unfashionable slice of modern French touch, where the bounce of disco is sped up. Though its trumpet samples are a little more du jour, the title track owes something to turn-of-the-milennium restaurantica, a type of loungey house music more famous for soundtracking Asian fusion meals than driving dance floors. "From The Valley" is the kind of ageless house music Lobster Theremin has always been good at. The stabs hint at classic Chicago but the strings and build-up are more modern. The same goes for "Turning Point," the highlight of the EP, which pairs something on-trend in 2018—breakbeats—with throaty textures that recall the early '90s work of artists like Orbital. Each track is a good example of what Lobster Theremin has become after 50 releases: a place for emerging artists to explore house music.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Come Home A2 From The Valley B1 FunFun B2 Turning Point